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It was a great idea

Have you thought of a brilliant idea, possibly the best one EVER, but you forgot to jot it down? Then, guess what, when you do try and write it down later it’s gone. Vanished. Vamoosed.
Yep, that’s what happened to me yesterday. Problem was the idea was for the end of a story I’d already started. Pants!
Any ideas what a downtrodden, female character, with no family could do to succeed, answers on a postcard, please.




So I had the opportunity of writing a couple of stories for a local anthology (we’ll see how that one goes). But when asked to provide a biography with them, I was more than a little stumped.
Googling helped some. At first. But then the more I looked, the more confused I became.

You see, bios need to be different for different situations.

Often bios are written in 3rd person (though 1st person if contacting publishers).
Caroline is…

Be very specific and stick to facts. No saying what you wish will happen. She is a short story writer.

The first line can say what you do. Then any relevant qualifications. <em>She is a short story writerwith a masters in creative writing. (This isn’t true. Btw.)

Then end with a personal note or even a bit of humour.
Caroline lives with her husband and a potato called Fred.

Job done!


Changing perspective

So I’ve been writing a book for a while now. Okay. Not writing. Thinking about it. I’d reread my words and go blank. This has gone on for months. However I thought about it, nothing worked.
Then I realised. I was aiming it at the wrong audience. It fits a teenage type market much better. And it worked. Now I’m a writing machine. At least for now…

Moral of this tale?

If something isn’t working, change how you think of it. Whether that’s through it’s target audience, changing the story point of view or changing a character. The choice is yours.


Kindle and me

Santa was kind to me this year. I received a shiny, new kindle in my stocking. Now I’ve downloaded some free books and have started devouring the written word again.
Actually, the free books thing is both a blessing and a curse. Some free ones are classics, no argument. But some I’ve noticed are less than quality. One story I downloaded seemed like a rough draft of a book – numerous spelling mistakes, poor grammar and big plot holes. Now I realise I sound like the writing police but it really was distracting.
Think I’ll be more selective next time. Perhaps they’re free for a reason. Still, does make me think of having a go at a book myself. Just to see if I can make a few less mistakes.


New E Market

There’s a new Market I’ve recently heard of called Ether. It’s an app you can download for free to tablets or smart phones. On it are loads of short stories, some to buy and some for free.

Writers need a profile and e-publishing seems to be the way forward. But bear in mind your stories may not receive any payment.

Another E Market

Alfiedog wants your stories. Some payment will be made if accepted. Might be a way to recycle those womag type stories that aren’t going anywhere. Of which I have many;-)


On being published

The first email was a surprise. I’d just got back from holiday and was still tucking into holiday reads. In fact I’d just read the words –

A writer never forgets the first time he accepted a few coins or a word of praise in exchange for a story
(The Angel’s Game by Carlos Ruiz Zafon)

Seriously. I really had just read that.

After putting my book down, I finally got round to checking my email. There it was. The email.

‘We are pleased to tell you we would like to publish your story.’

Thank you Weekly News! I will be eternally grateful because it really is an amazing feeling to hear you’ve been published.

And that someone wants to give you money for it.

So forget the rejections (I try to anyway) and look forward to the acceptances.


Daydreaming and distraction

Writing. That’s what I should be doing. Not reading. Or cooking. Or shopping. Those things need doing too, obviously. Along with picking the kids up from school – that’s an imperative – I don’t want to get a Bad Parent Detention. But now is the time I have set aside for writing. Not gazing out into the garden wondering if my runner beans need staking.

Is daydreaming ever justifiable? I think so. Allowing thoughts to float around, sometimes crash into the sides and formulate into ideas. But there comes a point when daydreams have to be put aside. This one has been going on for weeks now, and I’ve successfully avoided putting finger to keyboard in a creative way for too long.

So, I’m going to pull out one of those ideas, and tease it into something. Something that can be edited, polished, sent to an editor. And then I’ll just have to wait, and daydream again.