My dark side

To paraphrase Tim Minchin – and it’s always worth doing that – I can have a dark side too. Like everyone. I would say that if you haven’t, you’re in denial – even if it’s only a teensy tiny dark spot. I like writing comic stuff – though there’s a distinct art to that. Something I’ll consider in a future post. But the ideas that have bubbling to the surface lately have been of a distinctly darker, twisted nature. They will wend their way to writing competitions rather than the editors of magazines.

And these ideas have forced me to consider not only where they have come from, why they are surfacing now, but also what is acceptable to commit to paper. Does anything go? What’s fermenting in my subconsious and breaking through into my writing? And can I pull off the darkly comic – I’d love to do that.

I’m currently planning a story based in Birmingham, almost my home town, about a woman with religious faith, superficially at least, whose life hasn’t played out how she would have wished. And, having some power over others, at work at least, she does her best to spoil the lives of others. And spoil them she does, in a bloody, vengeful way. I want it to get very dark at the end – don’t want to give it away, but she will be faced with the realisation that to have had faith is not enough. Actions matter too.

I’ve always wanted to write about Birmingham and I’ve always wanted to get the phrase ‘Back of Rackhams’ into a story.

I hope my ‘dark side’ inspired stories will thought provoke and chill any readers they may reach (if any). And if not I can always drink white wine in the sun.

So, back to Mr Minchin. Next time I use him for inspiration I think I’ll go for the lyrically expansive Pope Song. Can’t hurt, can it?


6 responses to “My dark side

  1. My writing lends itself to the dark side too. There’s a curiousity there, I think, in trying to figure out what makes people this way…trying to figure out their motives. But I also wonder where the line should be drawn or if there should be a line. Good luck with your story, Fran.

  2. Thanks Su, I think people who admit to their dark side are often more interesting. And, yes, their motives are worth exploring. I am planning a story that could, for me, cross that line and I’m not sure whether to continue with it. Needs thought. Fran

  3. You’re right, Fran, I’m sure we all have dark side. Some people just cant bring it out and celebrate it in words! I LOVE writing dark stuff. Ive never investigated my subconscious, they just seem to well up out of some dark pool inside my brain. Light relief from the cheerful, happy- ending womag stories, maybe! My all time favourite was one when a couple were served stewed baby by their ghastly neighbour. That one never got past my writers circle and died a quiet death…Evil laughter…Ginny.

  4. Ginny, I read that one online – fantastic. Did you read ever Roald Dahl’s Tales of the unexpected. Inspirational! The thought of someone evil getting away with it is fascinating – not least because many do! Fran

  5. Maybe I will Su. Thing is its a bit to do with my dark side…..or one of them. Fran

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