What can I write about today?

I’ve been struggling with ‘themes’ lately. Especially avoiding the well-worn variety. So, how do you come up with something new? Something different?

There are only so many stories, aren’t there? But I guess you can approach them in different ways. I’ve tried playing about with form – not in a full on post-modernist way, but just telling a story from different points of view or structuring it like a ‘choose your own adventure’ book (that was, apparently a ‘well-worn theme’). Nothing too radical, but different for me.

And now I’m trying to come at my stories from an entirely different standpoint. I’ve chosen objects to write about – today’s is a handbag, I love a handbag. I’ve chosen jobs to be at the heart of my story. So, I’ve placed a nurse at the heart of a story, and created something happening around her busy day.

And I’m trying to do topical – find those quirky, off-beat news stories, not the biggies, the ones tucked away at the end of the news, or a tiny scrap in the corner of a newspaper, and use it for inspiration.

Off to write about a handbag. Let’s see how I go.


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