Seeing the wood for the trees

I write quickly.  But this is not necessarily A Good Thing.  it would be a good thing if, when I wrote, it was always perfect and finely tuned.  But, no, it always requires major editing.  And that’s just normal and natural.  Right?

I don’t like editing.  I see the necessity for it.  Of course I do.  It would be arrogant to think one produced the perfect piece first time around (if only).   It’s the getting bogged down in it, not being able to see the wood for the trees thing I don’t like.  And the tweaking one bit so you’ve got to find the corresponding other bit halfway down your work and change that too; that is a pain.  And playing around with one sentence until it is right – so it is a clue in a twist story, that doesn’t give the twist away.  Then you realise the version you had three changes ago was probably just right, but you can’t think of the exact wording to save your life.

I’ve just changed a 2000 worder from past to present tense.  That was a challenge for the terminally lazy person that I am happy to admit I am.  Finding every ‘was’ and ‘did’.  How hard was that?  How hard is that, even?

Off to write a story.  The editing can come later.  Unless I get it perfect first time.

Yeah, right, in my present tense dreams.


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