Robot reader

Okay, so not so much a robot as free software called Natural Reader. But I like to think that there’s a little robot inside my laptop who tells me things. ;-0

I’d heard of software called Read Please from Linda Lewis’ very good book ‘Why Short Stories get Rejected’.

The programme reads you any writing you have pasted in. Except I didn’t go with that one (discontinued or something). So google presented the option to try Natural Reader.

The name is a bit of misnomer or at least the free version, didn’t exactly sound natural. We’re back to the robot again. The intonation was almost non-existent, though there were moments when it sounded more fluent.

I did find it useful though. Pauses showed me where I had added unnecessary commas. Long, wordy passages became obvious too. Also places where I’d used the same words close together were soon spotted. It’s these things you need to notice at the proofreading stage, after all.

I’d say it was worth downloading, for all of the reasons above. And to have the opportunity to make it say – Exterminate, exterminate!

If anyone knows of another (better or worse) proofreading software please let me know!


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