A visit from the chunder fairy

I got a shock yesterday when I looked at the calendar and realised November is nearly over, and with it my semi-attempt at NaMoWriMo.
As my header suggests, things haven’t exactly gone to plan. One after the other my children and hubby had a visit from that most indiscriminate of species, the vomit fairy. As a result my time was spent filling and emptying the washing machine; changing bedding; and generally keeping things going.
Writing wasn’t something I had much time for, though it was never very far from my thoughts. While I was cleaning up, awake in the early hours my mind was plotting and scheming about twists and surprises.
So I’m trying to view it as time well spent. Or time well thought.
Except it hasn’t been. Truthfully my brain has been foggy to say the least. And the effort to string together more than one word, well, painful.

At least our little visitor has left the building. I hope. Now to get on with the fun stuff!


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