Today NaNoWriMo starts for those brave enough to do it. I thought really hard about whether I should go for it this year. But the realities of being a mum to a three year old and a nine month old, mean I couldn’t give it the full attention it deserves. And NaNoWriMo certainly needs you to commit! So for me this year it’s a no.

But I was thinking of doing my own version. I’ll focus on my YA book for this month, doing as much or as little as I can. I won’t worry if nothing gets done, or I don’t ‘win’.

And essentially I’ll try not to let myself be distracted by writing short stories. This will be tricky. It’s hard to avoid the lure of a pithy plot line.

I’ll keep updating on here, to see if success or failure beckons. Wish me luck!


One response to “NaNoWriMo-no?

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