More poetry

This time not written by me but by Nathan (aged 9) at school.

There’s one line in this I don’t especially like, and he heard me telling his dad about it when he was *supposed* to be asleep.  Guess which one it is.


The trees weeped and whined

As the wind snatched leaves off their cosy branches

Unsettling the gentle pile of leaves

Conkers fall all around.

Squirrels scuttle across the gold and brown ground.

Trees turn into scary figures

As children play in what once was their coat.

Not one bird in sight.

All doors are locked

The wait has begun.

Mist takes over the scene

Covering all signs of life.

Fun completely vanishes.

All animals hibernate and leave me feeling lonely

Cold air hits you as you step outside.

Autumn – the lonely season.

By Nathan Tracey


7 responses to “More poetry

  1. Woo hoo, Nathan has inherited this writing talent from you, Fran! He is really excellent with words and imagery isnt he, I love the way it ends quite bleakly and with such finality, he has real feeling there. I dont know which line you objected to! `tell him he has a fan in South Adrica and I hope he writes some more!

  2. Ah, thanks Ginny – he was chuffed with your kind comment. The line I wasn’t keen on was ‘fun completely vanishes’ – not really true when you have conkers, leaves to kick round in etc!

  3. Some lovely lines there, really good description. Well done, Nathan!

  4. paranormalromance

    Wow Fran, he’s got the gift. Well done Nathan, I loved it and |I know exactly what he means about ‘the wait’. Cheers Sheila


  5. Fabulous, Nathan. I think you’ve captured the feeling of autumn beautifully. Well done on writing such a great poem!

  6. And a fan in th USA, too. Well done Nathan. I love that line…the trees wheeped and whined. I can feel the chill of fall all around me. You’re a talented writer. Keep at it.

  7. What a lovely poem. And so clever for a boy of nine. Very well done, Nathan.

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