Poetry Rhyme-off

Calling all poets. Today is National Poetry Day here in Blighty. You could be the next John Donne, Benjamin Zephaniah or a Carol Ann Duffy.

Now the last time I attempted poetry was as a hapless teen (*cough* years ago). It went as follows –

Limerick (original title!)

There was a young dog from Berlin
Who liked to sleep in a bin
But one fateful day a truck drove him away
That unfortunate dog from Berlin.

Well, like I said, I was young.

Anyway, the theme today is STARS.
So my latest attempt is this (not a limerick I hasten to add).

Under stars is where I met you
In nighttime where you play.
I wonder how I’ll get through
If stars are where you’ll stay?

Now, doesn’t that make you think you can do better?

Your turn!


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