The Chocolate Lover’s Guide to Writing

As it’s International Chocolate Day I’m feeling inspired.
To me, the age old art of writing is a lot like the age old art of chocolate eating. Here’s why:

The Anticipation

Part of the writing process for me is the build up to putting pen to paper. The thinking about that yummy choc, er I mean, great sentence, almost as enjoyable as doing it.

Sneaking a quick bite

It doesn’t matter if you have a few minutes or a few hours on which to gorge yourself. Do it. Make the most of any time.

Savouring it

Enjoy the process of writing as you would the taste of a giant bar of dairy milk (or substitute your own favourite choc here). Hear yourself say nom nom as you devour delicious blank pages with your writing.

After the chocolate has gone

Don’t be discouraged if you find your writing has suddenly run out. There will be more tomorrow. There are always more words. And more chocolate.


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