Back to the grindstone

To banish those post-holiday blues (although summer seems to have arrived in the UK – now we are drifting towards autumn) I am determined to write, write, write.  Oh, and send stuff out too – that always helps.  As does receiving two acceptances on my return from sunny France.  A rejection too, but let’s not talk about that – it has already been recycled.

And one acceptance was really encouraging – saying why didn’t I have a go at pitching a novel idea to them (I’ve always submitted short stories in the past).  And it just so happens I have a novel idea swimming about in my head.  I just need to get it written.  And the pitch too.  In fact I need to get that written first – and I think that will be the hard bit.  I’ve made a start.  I’ve created a new document.  And I’ve written two words.  Novel Pitch.  And then I’ve saved it.  And then I’ve got myself some lunch.

I’ll come back to the novel pitch document.  Hopefully it will be sooner rather than later.


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