Time to work

Okay, it’s been an age since my last post. In my defence I’ve been wiping baby food out of my hair on a regular basis. Doing that takes time.
But I have found in bringing up baby that there’s lots of thinking time. In my thoughtful moments I’ve pondered the issue of how to fit in writing.

I used to think that to write you needed loads of time and space to do it. But seeing as I have neither- and i expect I’m not alone in this – what to do?

The answer for me at least is to fit it in whenever, and however, I can. A couple of minutes waiting in line for a coffee or even between mouthfuls of dinner are an opportunity to jot something down. So I keep a notebook and pen near me at all times. Any ideas get noted straight away. Good or bad ones.

Being a writer is about persisting with writing whatever the circumstance.

So if you get 5 minutes later – just do it. Write.



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