It’s a killer

Writing a crime short story, that is.  I’ve been mulling over and jotting down ideasand fragments, phrases, for the last few days.  It can’t be too gory, because it’s aimed at a specific market, which is fair enough.  And I guess it needs a resolution.  The baddie needs to get their comeuppance.  For the same reasons I’ve just mentioned.  I do like an open-ended story – but many readers don’t.  And that’s fair enough.

It also needs to be believeable.  A tricky one.  Some ‘true life’ stories can sound so far fetched.  I hear some tale on the radio (usually in the ‘and finally’ section) and think that would make the kernel of a great story, but then I dwell on it for a bit.  And I realise that truth really can often be stranger than fiction, and I push the idea to the back of my brain to be lost in the jumble of ideas and thoughts that make up my consciousness.  Some day it may re-appear in a vastly altered state, and I can write it up.  Yeah, right.

Oh, and then, and probably most importantly, it needs a twist.

I could just go and do the washing up instead.



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