Research is easy…

…well it is if you are writing a story centred around Friendship Cakes – there’s a website dedicated to them. And many, many other mentions of them on the Internet.  Most of them are called Herman.  I haven’t decided on a name for the one I am going to feature in a story.  I might call it George.  Or Lydia.  But I have now read extensively about Hermans, and I feel equipped to Just Start Writing (I refer back the the prevaricating post from a day or so ago).  Must be much tougher if you are writing about, say for example, the Hadron Collider.  Then you’d want to check your facts and everything.  Look at a little more than just Wikipedia, and spend more than a couple of minutes doing so.  Take it more seriously.

But for a little story about Herman the Friendship Cake a few minutes will do.  1000 words tomorrow, how tough can that be, now I’ve done my research?



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