So I had the opportunity of writing a couple of stories for a local anthology (we’ll see how that one goes). But when asked to provide a biography with them, I was more than a little stumped.
Googling helped some. At first. But then the more I looked, the more confused I became.

You see, bios need to be different for different situations.

Often bios are written in 3rd person (though 1st person if contacting publishers).
Caroline is…

Be very specific and stick to facts. No saying what you wish will happen. She is a short story writer.

The first line can say what you do. Then any relevant qualifications. <em>She is a short story writerwith a masters in creative writing. (This isn’t true. Btw.)

Then end with a personal note or even a bit of humour.
Caroline lives with her husband and a potato called Fred.

Job done!



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