All the P’s – plotting, planning and prevaricating

Prevaricating isn’t strictly true – well not this time anyway.  School holidays pretty much preclude me from writing – we have big days out and late nights, so there’s little time for the laptop. It’s mainly white noise for a couple of weeks. If I dare to open the lid during the hols a five year old child appears, places herself snugly on my lap and asks ‘Watcha doing, Mummy?’  As some of what I write requires a pseudonym, I close the lid firmly and return my gaze to sticky mosaics, Lego, or just watching the TV.  And generally all-round Paying Attention.

But today I have been planning – what to start writing tomorrow.  I have a little list – of titles and brief synopses of short stories for women’s magazines and anthologies.  But I bet they don’t end up where I intended them to.  They rarely do.  Still, it will be good to be back.  And it fills a hole where a five year old girl and an eight year old boy used to be.  It’s very quiet without them.



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